We cover a highly diverse range of applications such as those listed below, however we are happy to review any enquiry relating to rotating electrical equipment.

In the rail sector and specifically DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) and DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Units), alternators are used for carriage general power DMU and traction power on DEMU. Cabel supports this market widely and in co-ordination with the Mecc Alte Group, enters into maintenance contracts offering the rail operators the peace of mind that reliability is in the best hands.

For the rail sector DEMU’s and also EMU’s (Electrical Multiple Units), DC traction motors are used to power the train. It is quite common now to receive both the traction alternator and the drive motors for repair and/or rewind.

In CHP (Combined Heat and Power) / Co-generation / Tri-generation markets, many suppliers of small and medium genset installations retain ownership of that installation. In these cases, the end customer pays for the power/heat generated. Any failure in supply directly affects income and equally importantly, the reputation of the suppliers involved!

Whoever retains ownership, the availability of power/heat is commercially critical. Planned maintenance is very important as is the trust in a company to reliably support that business. Mecc Alte supplies new products to this market and fully appreciates the specific needs, and to this end has given rise to Cabel to give their customer/end users a more complete package of support. Whether factories or quarries, the motors used in processes will damage production if they fail. Planned maintenance and health checks by Cabel will help to avoid costly outages.The renewable market has seen small and medium size new build generators. Some sectors of the renewable market such as wind power, have now been around for a little while. This will undoubtedly lead to some failures in the field where ingress or hard life of operation are the cause. Original replacement alternators will not be cheap and it may be more economic to rewind rather than replace! Talk with Cabel to see which is best for you.